Our Team

Our mission is to promote an awakening in humanity for the most
fundamental things in the transformation for a better world.

Raissa Gabrielli


The goal of her existence is to end the limiting spectrum of color captioned by the human being, so that her illustrations can transit between parallel universes and its message reaches all the galaxies.

André Fonseca


Gamer since his childhood, accepts all the quests that appear in front of him. He is always in search of new challenges, along with his guild, to help combat the errors of the cosmos.

Lucas Albuquerque


After filming his birth, he was sure that his life would be behind the cameras. Had the pleasure of watching his own edited video in a parallel dimension.

Pedro Torres


We know that the universe can be holographic, but with him in our team, we are sure that the world we live in is much more than a simple quantum programming.